Thomas Mar Wee

From the chapbook, “New and Used Poems”, Quarto 2020

Thomas Mar Wee is a writer, poet, and editor based in New York City.

A recent graduate of Columbia University, they have served as an editor for various publications including The Columbia Review, Journal of Art Criticism, and Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism. Their poetry was awarded a University & College Poetry Prize from the Academy of American Poets. They currently serve as an Apprentice at One Story.


self-portrait in a convex mirror: an auto-poiesis, Spittoon Monthly Feature, Spittoon – Oct. 2021

Speech Acts, Academy of American Poets Prize 2021 Prizewinner, – Aug. 2021

I Want to Lay Down Inside an Agnes Martin Painting, The Ekphrastic Review – Aug. 2021

Columbarium, Quarto – Apr. 2021

Mandatum, Nectar Poetry – Jan. 2021

Stagecraft, Barnard Echoes – Jan. 2021

New and Used Poems (Chapbook), Quarto – Nov. 2020


A Peacock in the Loggia, Surgam – May 2021 (Short Fiction)

The Photograph, Meridian: The APWT Drunken Boat Anthology of New Writing – Dec. 2020 (Short Fiction)

The Winnowing, Quarto – Dec. 2020 (Flash Fiction)

Essays & Criticism

“What Would Weil Do?”: Philosophy as Work, The Gadfly Fall 2021

Revolution and the Body: A Close Reading of William Blake, Acumen: Issue 101 – Oct. 2021 (Essay)

Nuanced Portraits: On Brandon Taylor’s “Filthy Animals”, Los Angeles Review of Books – Sep. 2021 (Review)

Speaker of the Dead: On the Ethics of Memory, The Gadfly – Apr. 2021 (Essay)

Fake Accounts, The Columbia Review – Apr. 2021 (Review)


Collage Equals Life: An Interview with Kate Zambreno, CJLC – Aug. 2021

A Conversation With Brandon Taylor, The Adroit Journal – Aug. 2021

The Ideology Behind AI Discourse: An Interview with Meghan O’Gieblyn, CJLC – Jul. 2021

Writing the Self and the Sublime: An Interview with Larissa Pham, CJLC – Jul. 2021

For Now: An Interview With Eileen Myles, CJLC – Nov. 2020