Thomas Mar Wee

Thomas Mar Wee is a writer, poet, and editor based in Brooklyn, New York.

Born in Evanston, Illinois, they are a recent graduate of Columbia University. Their poetry was awarded a University & College Poetry Prize from the Academy of American Poets in 2021. They currently work as an assistant at a literary agency.


The Clean Hour HERO Magazine: Issue 29Apr. 2023

The Photograph, Meridian: The APWT Drunken Boat Anthology of New WritingDec. 2020

The Winnowing, Quarto – Dec. 2020


“Mourning Rites” and “Love: A Brief History”, SUSPECT, – Dec. 2022

self-portrait in a convex mirror: an auto-poiesis, Spittoon – Oct. 2021

Speech Acts, Academy of American Poets Prize 2021 Prizewinner, – Aug. 2021

I Want to Lay Down Inside an Agnes Martin Painting, The Ekphrastic Review – Aug. 2021

Columbarium, Quarto – Apr. 2021

Mandatum, Nectar Poetry – Jan. 2021

New and Used Poems (Chapbook), Quarto – Nov. 2020

Essays & Criticism

“What Would Weil Do?”: Philosophy as Work, The Gadfly Fall 2021

Revolution and the Body: A Close Reading of William Blake, Acumen: Issue 101 – Oct. 2021

Nuanced Portraits: On Brandon Taylor’s “Filthy Animals”, Los Angeles Review of Books – Sep. 2021

Speaker of the Dead: On the Ethics of Memory, The Gadfly – Apr. 2021

Fake Accounts, The Columbia Review – Apr. 2021